All of us have some kind of passion in us, though most have that passion held back by fear. In a podcast with Pure Reinvention, Karlene talks about the process of personal reinvention. She believes it is very important to look for the passion inside people and help them to bring it out.

In episodes #19, #49, #50, #80 and #112 of The Veterinary Life Coach Podcast, Dr. Julie Cappel spends time with Karlene Belyea, Vice President of Wellness for Mission Veterinary Partners. The interviews were recorded in Karlene’s office where they had interesting and detailed conversation about several topics.  

Thoughts from a Chief Culture Officer with Karlene Belyea

Learning About Body Language with Karlene Belyea

Generations with Karlene Belyea

Self-Care Advice with Karlene Belyea

Complaining with Karlene Belyea

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